Saturday, May 02, 2009


My life's been busy as a photographer to the beauty queens. My so called affair with the beauties started way back 2005 when I was the correspondent for the website for the Miss Earth. When I came back from NY, I became one of the official photographers for the website because of my Canon SLR. And I'm loving it now because I get paid and I get to meet the beauties and be friends with them. Here is a sample of my photo.


for more photos visit

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Sunday, February 08, 2009


Wow! I haven't written in this blog for a long long time. I don't know why I stopped updating. It's just that things are not well with my life. I don't have the inspiration to write. Or I just deny the fact that drama is a part of life. Although there are so many happy thing I have to mention like working in Oracle and winning the samba dance at our Xmas party, Miss Earth 2008 experience, my happy and exciting love life, and my loving friends. There's is no push for me to write. I just hate this part when there's drama in my own life. It's so not me.

I hate to write about this. But it's a fact of life. I need to accept it.

It's all about my dad. My dad had a stroke last November 11, 2008. The right part of his body is paralyzed. He had to undergo brain surgery and had to stay in the hospital for two months. I am very thankful that he is safe and is now recovering at home. I am also thankful for Oracle for the insurance they have for my dependents, my parents. Though the insurance covered 500 thousand, it was not enough to cover all the hospital bills.

Where to find the money to pay for the hospital bills? That is the question. A very big question. We have to raise another 500 thousand to pay for the doctors' fee and the rest of the hospital bills.

The pressure is on me. Though all of us are trying to look for the money, I know I will the only one the pay for it in the future. Mom even said to me: Let's ask your aunt and tell her that you're gonna pay her 10 thousand a month. So that's it. I'm gonna be the one paying for it.

This post is so not me. But that's the fact of life. Life wouldn't be sweet if not for the problems.

I'm praying hard that this will pass soon. I know God wouldn't leave us in this trial.

To all my friends who supported my, my sincerest thank you from the bottom of my heart. To my beloved, thanks for standing by me through all this. To my family, we'll be together in this trial for our beloved Jose Rivera Sr.

Any idea where to get money? LOTTO, perhaps?

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Friday, September 19, 2008


It's been 6 months since my last entry here in my blog. Wow! It's been a while. Sooo long... Many things happened... So many stories to tell... But I don't have the time to tell them all...

What I'm gonna tell is that I'm back to reality. WORK. I'm happy I have a job now. Actually, a nice-paying job with ORACLE Philippines. Thanks to my friend Eloise for submitting my resume here. I actually had my phone interviews with the manager when I was still in New York. So that was in March but I started with the company September 1. I love it here in Oracle. My teammates are really nice: Precy, Mariel, Nick, Liezel, Perci, Fiel, Roy and Ms. Weng(my manager). There's free flowing juice in the pantry, biscuits in the afternoon, fruits on Tuesdays and chips on Fridays. So far things are good here in Oracle.

But I'm actually blogging now because I miss NEW YORK! My life in New York! Everytime I see anything about NY, it makes me smile. I've lived there for 18 motnhs. It's been a part of my life. I miss my AIESEC friens, my PWC friends and my Filipino community in NYC. The exciting city! Someday, I'll be back in NYC!

To all my friends, JORY IS BACK WITH REVENGE!!! So wait for my posts...

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Monday, March 17, 2008

I Heart New York!

Time flies fast. So fast, indeed. My New York life in 18 months. Wow! It's hard to believe. It seems like yesterday when I arrived JFK. And in three weeks, I'll be back in the Philippines.

It's sad to leave New York. My friends. My PWC officemates. My AIESEC family. My cousin Kae. My 7 Train to Times Square. My E train to World Trade Center. My PATH train to Exchange Place. My sofa bed in Apartment 3A. My PWC cubicle. My PWC volleyball team. My dance student Helen. My math student Monte. My housemates Eding, Nelfa, Belen, Sely and Mommy Pen. My Opol people. My cousin Kae. My WESTERN UNION money transfers every payday. My broadway musicals, ballet and opera.

New York. New York. What a great city.

My life in New York has taught me so much and I know I've done so much in life. Supporting my family financially. Travelling around the country. Being able to buy the techy gadgets. Experiencing corporate America. Making new friends. Surviving New York. Building a new house for my family.

Probably the most productive 18 months I've had. What an accomplishment. So much stories to tell. So much memories to cherish.

I lurrrrrrrvessssssss New York!

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Friday, February 15, 2008

More shopping madness, Power dressing for Valentines, Losing 10 lbs and Becoming Vegetarian

I didn't go to work yesterday because the train to work wasn't running. I got bored. So bored. Good thing Tetel is on a day-off. Thus, we decided to go shopping. The good thing too is I get my refund from New York. Yahoo. So off I went shopping. Like CRAZY. AGAIN!!! For yesterday, I bought one CK sneakers (white with black stripes), one COLE HANN top-siders, one Calvin Klein belt and two Banana Republic dress pants. What's with the brand name craze?!?! But hey, I deserve these. I've worked hard and sent half of my earnings to my family. It's high time to buy something for myself! What a poor excuse. LOL!

So in two weeks, I have 4 pairs of shoes, 4 dress pants, 1 belt and 3 dress shirts. That's the craziest two weeks I've ever had. Define splurging!!! LOL!

And since it's Valentine's day. And I don't have a date. I decided to dress up. For the love of myself. LOL! I love the pants. It fits me well. And to my surprise, it's a 30. I used to wear 32. More surpise, I can fit in small size for shirts. WOW! The 10 pounds I lost was more than I expected.

FYI, I'm trying to be vegetarian. The word is trying. Since i've been used to eating meat, I can't help but crave sometimes. But I'm doing good. Really Good.

Here's the pic. Now tell me what you think?

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Shopping like CRAZYYYYYY!!!!

It must have been the influence of Carrie from Sex & the City. I've been watching the episodes lately. And in this particular episode Carrie bought a Dolce & Gabbana shoe. In my mind, I've never had any designer shoe. So last Monday, off I went to Macy's and bought a Calvin Klein boots and Stacy Adams office shoe.

But then I thought, I should buy some nice dress pants and shirts. Thank God for my talent. I had some extra cash from teaching dance last night. Early today, I went shopping like crazya and fitting different pants and shirts. I went home with two dress pants (GAP and Banana Republic) and three dress shirts (two Banana Republic and one GAP). Wow! Five pieces.

Never mind the cost. But hey, it looks good on me. I feel so empowered. Yahoo!!! Thanks to Carrie!

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Saturday, January 05, 2008


One whole year of being away from the Philippines. Whheeewww! I never thought I'd survive America. So what were the highlights of year 2007?

Travel: Chicago, Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Tennessee, Wisconsin

Sideline jobs: tutoring Math for Monte, teaching ballroom dance to Helen, singing during Filipino parties, dance partner during sweet 16 parties

People: My PWC Volleyball Team (Dena, Mike, Twins, Stafford, Ray, Safiya, Clement, Michelle), PWC Officemates (Dao, Zen, Angie, John, Cristina, Jenny, Rodney, Kerstine, Mpai, Chris, Sia, Karen), Opol Residents Organization, Filipino Friends (Jonner, Vince, BLD, SDA People), AIESEC (Danielle, Sarah, Stephen, Leo, Costa), New Yorker Friends (Jonas, Ian, Binh and Klaressa),

Housemates: Tetel, Belen, Eding, Nelfa, Mommy Pen

Sending money: I still have my Western Union receipts with me. I don't want to sum it up anymore. I know I sent a big amount of money to my family this year alone. WOW!

Gadgets: I think this year is, by far, the best for me in terms of acquiring Techy gadgets. I have an 30G Ipod Video, Sony PSP, Apple MacBook and Canon 10 MP Digital SLR. Yahoo!!!

Special people: Kae, my cousin and the queen bitch. She has been my everyday companion to the gym. I miss her cuz she moved out of the apartment. I miss being random and crazy with her. My boyfriend. It's been another year with you. Thanks for holding on. We may be miles away but we managed and survived the relationship. I LOVE YOU!

I'm looking forward to 2008. What are my plans? Build a new house for my family. Wow! I couldn't believe it. I'd saved enough money to make a new one for them. Get a new job. I'll be back in the Philippines by April. As soon as I'm done with my vacation, I have to start looking for work (God knows what's best for me. In tagalog, Bahala ka na LORD.)

I'm thankful that 2007 has been a good year for me. Hope 2008 will be better.

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Saturday, December 15, 2007


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
PWC New York Volleyball Team

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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket my Philippines Booth (Thanks to Dept. of Tourism for the posters)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
with other participants

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving Day Parade

It was my first time to see the Macy's parade. It was fun. Saw some famous faces. Children were happy. Weather was nice. I said to myself, "I'm gonna miss New York when I go back home".

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mamang Pulis, Wag Po... Wag Po...

I was on my way home after going around the city. I took the train and it was past 12 midnight. Since the train was almost empty and I was tired, I decided to let my feet rest on the empty seats. I closed my eyes. But a kick on my foot woke me up. It was a NYPD cop telling me to get off the train. So I got up and got off the train.

COP: You should not do that on the train. (putting my feet on the seats)
ME: Im sorry sir.
COP: Do you have an ID?
ME: Yes sir. (I pulled out my wallet and gave him my Philippine Postal ID)
COP: You don't have a New York State ID or driver's license?
ME: No. Im not a resident or American citizen. Im here on a visa.
COP: How long have you been here? And do you plan to stay here?
ME: One year. My contract will be over in 5 months and I'm going back.
COP: Where are you from?
ME: Philippines
COP: You should go to the judge the next morning and clear this out.
ME: Ok sir. (I was still calm cuz I know it was not a major offense)
COP: But I can't issue you a ticket cuz you have no valid ID.
ME: I dont bring my visa with me all the time, sir. I dont want to lose it.
COP: Did you know that I can put you to jail? (thinking I was Illegal Alien)
ME: (silence. thinking what would happen to me if I'm in jail.)
COP: So where do you live?
ME: Woodside
COP: Do you have a cellphone?
ME: Yes.
COP: Do you live alone?
ME: No. I live with my aunt.
COP: You took the train in 155th st. right?
ME: Yes sir.
COP: With a friend?
ME: Yes. (a friend brought me to the station)
COP: Ok. I'll forgive you for now. (Train arrives)
ME: Thanks sir!

I got inside the train feeling relieved. But then it crossed my mind. Why would he ask where I live? Why would he ask if I have a cellphone? Why would he ask if I live alone? Now that's weird. And to top it all, he knew what street I took the train. Hmmm... Maybe he was trying to hit on me. Police officer, you should have said it straight. I would have readily said YES. I have this weakness for guys in uniform. And he was a tall, dark and handsome guy! The more it adds to his manliness. ARRRGGG! Too late for me. I should have known earlier that that was his way of picking me up. But my mind was occupied with the thought of being inside the jail and. LOL!

Until then, officer... LOL!!!

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Halloween 07: Best in Costume

Vince and I decided to join the Halloween parade in Manhattan. We met at 6 in his office. We changed there and went to the parade straight. While walking around, people were asking to take a picture with me. They were so amazed with my costume, especially the feathers. There were even two press people who interviewed me (in video). It was fun!!!

After the parade, we went to a bar in Manhattan. When we got in, the host approached me if I want to join their contest. At first I was hesitant. So I told him/her (cuz he's gay dressed in drag) that I'll think about it. We were walking around. Then another guy dressed as priest asked me to join the contest. So I thought that it wouldn't cost me anything. I approached the host, gave me my number and a free drink cuz they like my costume. There were 30+ contestants. Their costumes were really amazing. I know that prepared for it. They were dressed as ICE QUEEN, ROMAN SENATOR, GREEK SOLDIER, SNOW KING, DRAG QUEENS and a lot more. I was the FILIPINO GODDESS. Hahaha! Wearing an ethnic inspired costume. Then the contestants went on stage one by one. It was fun on stage cuz I felt like a MISS UNIVERSE contestant. Hahaha! I said, this is an experience. I was there to have fun. Then they announced the top 5. To my surprise, I was part of the top 5. WOW! I felt like a winner. The other contestants were so prepared for their costumes but were not included in the top 5. My costume was supposedly my AIESEC conference costume for the presentation about the Philippines. So we had to parade again. People had to clap for the costumes they liked. And the "intergalactic adventurers" won the contest. There costume was really fancy, complete with scepter and lights blinking in their body.

Then at 11, I decided to go home and Vince went to his friend to have dinner. I have to leave cuz I have to send money to my mom. Hahaha!!! WESTERN UNION time. hahaha!!! I dropped my stuff home and asked Peachy, my high school classmate, to accompany me. I was still wearing my costume when I went to send money. Peachy said that I can cause traffic. Then while walking, this one old lady saw me. She smiled and bowed her head. Peachy and I were surprised why and we laughed as Peachy said maybe she thinks Im a goddess. Hahaha! I sent the money and headed home. On our way back, the same old lady bowede her head again. Hahaha!

Then at 1 am, Vince and I decided to visit a local Latino bar so we can dance. This is our fave bar since it's near us and it's free. So we danced and had fun. Then all of a sudden the lights were on and a guy started talking in Spanish. And we didnt understand any word at all. Hahaha! He was talking and then grabbed me. I told him that I don't understand. He asked me where I'm from and told him Philippines. He told me that there having the costume contest. Hahaha! And Vince was dragged too to join. I was "miss Filipinas" and Vince was Britney. There were 15 contestants this time. The costumes were: ZORRO, LAS VEGAS SHOWGIRL, DRAG QUEENS, ARABIAN SHEIK and a lot more. Then we paraded again. Vince and I didn't understand any word at all cuz it was all in Spanish. But everytime he says MISS FILIPINAS, that's when I go in front to parade. Then they announced the top 3. I was part of it together with Miss ARGENTINA and Miss EGYPT. I think that Miss ARGENTINA went to this bar to win the contest. He/She was dressed as Snake Queen. Gosh, she/he had a 10 foot long stuffed snake. It was very fancy. I know she'll win that contest. Then we started to parade again. Egypt was eliminated because there were few people who clapped for him. It was between me and the snake queen. Then the host decided to break the tie. He said we're gonna dance to the Reggaeton. Hahaha! Then I showed them my moves. They were amazed with how I gyrated. The host asked me if I'm indeed FIlipino cuz I danced like a Latino. But then Miss Argentina/Snake Queen was a bit old and cant dance like me. And so I emerged the winner!!! Yahoo!!!! People came to me and asked to take pictures with me. They gave me a bottle of wine as my prize. Well, I didnt mind the prize at all. I felt happy that I won and proud of being Filipino!!!

P.S. I forgot to bring my camera that night. So I have only one picture taken by my friend during the first bar contest. I didnt have a pic when I won. Huhuhu!

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Friday, October 05, 2007


Whoever thought that choosing between career and love is easy? I know that most people would tell me that I should take the path that will give me a good future, a stable and high-paying career. Well... Well... Well...

My manager and I had a talk regarding opportunities with other PWC countries. He gave us a chance to choose any PWC country we want and he will back us up with our applications. He recommended Australia, Canada or any country in Europe. So, the Immigration Department of PWC US gave us a list of contacts of international PWC offices. This would be a good opportunity for me, to further advance my career. And next week will be the Global Independence Meeting for PWC. Managers and Partners accross the globe will be here in our office. There will be two days that they will allot to talk to staff to ask any questions or to seek opportunities abroad. So this is the big event I will be waiting.

But. A big BUT. My boyfriend texted me that he wants me back in the Philippines. With him being so sweet, I could easily gave in. He said that he wants me to be with him and he doesn't want me far from him. And I miss him so much. SO MUCH!!!! Argggg!!!! He said, "because I feel so alone deep inside me without you."

I'm torn. I know a lot of people would love to be in my position. This is a kind of opportunity that everybody wants. Wasting this opportunity would be a foolish decision. But I'm a fool. I love him and I want to be with him. So I think I'm going home to the Philippines and choose to be with my boyfriend. That's what I have in mind for now. Things might change. Fate may lead me to a brighter future. I don't know. I think choosing love over career is a great risk. But life is all about risks anyway.

My love, I'm giving up this opportunity just to be with you. And I know I'm not making the wrong decision. Prove it to me that it's worth the risk.


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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Nashville, Tennessee

I went to Tennessee for the weekend to give myself a break from New York. I had a great and relaxing time. It was a laid back place. Calm and quiet. I arrived Friday morning and Brendon picked me up with his convertible. I so love love love the car. very fancy! From the airport, we went to his place where he lives with Alan, his boyfriend. I rested for a while cuz it was a two hour flight. Then after, I started to play around with hig cute doggy, Frankie. Brendon and I had a great time watching cheerdance competitions that he recorded from previous years. We met Alan for lunch. They look good together. Alan is white and Brendon is black. They are a sweet couple. We went home after lunch and had a short nap before hitting the gym. We went to watch Resident Evil after dinner.

Saturday, we have to wake up at 8. I went with Brendon to his work. He is a choreographer and cheerdance coach. I so want his job. What more could be fun? He loves cheerdancing and that's what is work is. So I was there watching him coach his team. Then after the practice, we went home to have lunch at Waffle House. We headed for the city after our eating. I like Nashville downtown cuz it's calm and with less people. There's so much space to walk, as compared to Times Square where everyday is a riot. We went home about 3 pm to watch movies in their place. After watching 3 gay movies, we headed back to the city to have dinner in Hard Rock Cafe and went to a bar. We got tired early so we went home.

Sunday, it's another practice day for Brendon. So i went with him again. This time, it was for hours of practice. The Saturday one was only two hours. I had fun watching those girls dance. I was also able to talk to some of the mothers who watched their daugthers do tumblings and stunts. These girls are so talented. They finished at 5 pm. Then we went home with pasta waiting for us. Alan cooked the pasta. Then at 6:30, Brendon brought me back to the airport for my flight to NY.

Thanks Alan and Brendon for letting me stay and showing me around. Thanks to Frankie my doggie love!!! I'll see you again soon...

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

congrats bro!

My brother makes me so damn proud! After months of reading books and sleepless nights, his bar exam is over. Bro, whatever the results may be,I'm still so proud that you have gone a long way like this. I never even thought that he will be in law school much more taking the bar exams. It's not that I underestimated my brother's intelligence. But I know that he has always been academically challenged as compared to me. And when he decided to enroll in law school, I saw his determination and drive to be successful.

Congrats bro!

Thanks to Julius and Dindin for sharing their notes to my brother. That's a big help! Congrats to both of you too. Im so proud of you.

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Monday, August 27, 2007

goodbye 24... hello 25...

Wow! Time flies fast. I cant believe I'm already 25. Wheewww!!!

Looking back at being 24, I had one of the best year in my life. It was life changing year. Moving to New York for my AIESEC traineeship. Being able to support my family and brothers' education. Buying my own laptop and PSP which I have always been wanting to. Travelling to different states aorund the US. Meeting new friends. Adjusting to a new place and culture. Watching broadway plays. The list goes on... SO much to say about being 24. But the bottomline is I had a blast at being 24.

I just hope and wish that at 25, things will be better. way way better.

And how did I spend my birthday? I went to Long Island to sing for this group of FIlipino families. Their children had a summer recital for piano and violin. My aunt asked me if I could sing for them last Thursday. Wow, a lot of pressure for me cuz the last time I sang for them I did a very impressive performance of TUKSO LAYUAN MO AKO. And I had to top that performance and do a better song. So I decided to sing Filipino Folk song and Yoyoy Villame songs. LOL. The first medley was funny. Cuz I started with an operatic voice for my intro line. And then shifted to a funny voice when I started to sing Sitsiritsit. The other songs were BALUT and WARAY-WARAY. The people were laughing hard. And after the performance, the shouted MORE. I told them that they wait and we should have lunch first. And then this American guy approached me. He told me that he was ready to sit back and relax to listen to my opera song but when he heard that I shifted to my funny voice he burst into laughter. After lunch, everyone was eager to listen to my next number. I sang YOYOY songs: Granada, Butsekik and si Filemon. They were laughing like crazy. I had them sing with me too. And one of the ladies started to pass around a hat to put money and I got 70 dollars. Yahoo! Not bad.

Then I had dinner with my aunt and cousins. It was a good day. Good one to start being 25.

jory 11:16 PM

AIESEC US Conference and Vacation with cousins

I went to the AIESEC US Summer Conference in Chicago last August 10-14. It was so much fun doing all the activities and meeting new friends. Here are some highlights.

August 10: Arrived 8 am in Chicago from NY. Went to Chicago downtown Aiesecers at 10 am. Went around the city and had deep dish pizza. toured the city with free trolly. slept at the beach for an hour. I loved Chicago. Very clean and less people unlike NY. arrived at the hotel at 7 pm in time for the opening ceremony. party was at 10 pm with Hollywood theme party. They gave an award for the best dramatic performance in sa dance. A fellow Aiesecer (half filipino-half german) danced salsa with me. And the next thing we know that it was only the two of us left in the dance floor. The other people cleared the floor to give way for us dancing.

August 11: Sessions and talk. We had a slumber party. It was fun pillow fighting. Met Angie from Arizona and danced with her the whole night. She's a very sweet girl.

August 12: Global Village day. I wore my famous bahag. hahaha!!! People were amazed with the costume. I felt like it was a Miss Univerese beauty pageant. hahaha! I brought dried mangoes and otap for the participants to try.

August 13: I had a chance to share my experience to the AIESEC members about my life on traineeship and how it impacted me and my family. One guy wrote me a letter that he was touched with my story and how it affected my family.

August 14: Goodbye time. That was sad. Seeing new friends leave. Wish it was longer. My cousin picked me up from the hotel and I stayed at their house in Wisconsin.

After the conference, I stayed with cousins' houses, Ate Yen and Jacklyn. Jacklyn is new here in US. She married and American. I stayed with her for two days. And I had a great time cuz she cooks all the time. We went bowling with her husband and in-laws. It was nice just to relax and not think about work. Life there was slow unlike NY. And Friday night, I went back to Ate Yen's house cuz Kuya Vince arrived from Baltimore. We played poker and I won 20 dollars. The next day we went shopping in the outlet store. I bought sandals, bag and jeans. Wow! It felt nice to shop. hahaha! Then sunday I have to some back to NY! SIGH....
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Random Aiesecers

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Party time: rock & roll, slumber and Hollywood. Getting the award for best dramatic performance in a dance with Roan.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Presentation during Global Village (parang national costume parade)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
With ate yen & Jacklyn

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

who would have thought?

I'm home on a saturday, it's surprising. LOL. My weekends are always crazy with birthday parties and dance classes. But I decided to have a quiet Saturday afternoon and stayed home.

Then I decided to read the old blog entries I have. An entry dated October 16, 2004: in the afternoon I had a chat with my friend ERIC, who's now in US for some job training. Is life in the States really exciting as what I've seen and heard??? Well, time will come when I can answer that.

It made me think... That very day I wrote it, I had no idea at all nor any plans to go to the the US. The question was then a question waiting to be answered. And now is but the right time to answer it.

It's been 10 months since I arrived here in New York. wow! 10 months flew too fast. Yes, life here in New York is exciting, fast-paced but stressful at the same time. Everything here is fast, 50 times faster than Manila. I feel like 24 hours is not enough to fit in a day's schedule, always running out of time. New York's night life is probably the most exciting. As they say, it's the city that never sleeps.

It took me 6 months to feel settled here in NY. I always had the feeling that I don't belong here and that people were too crazy and unfriendly for me. But then I got used to it, I have to be one of them. To adapt so I can survive. Now, things are easier for me to handle. I rarely cry nowadays. LOL. I used to cry everyday when I was new here. LOL.

I'll be home my end of March 2008. And I'm excited to be back home. For now, I have no plans of staying here in New York for good. Though I love the city, I still prefer a laidback life in the Philippines. New York stresses me out too fast. And it's hard to find some quiet place here cuz everything around you is fast. It's not as easy like in Manila when I'm burnt out that I just take a bus and go far away from Manila where things are quiet and peaceful.

I think I'm like my dad who prefers the simple, slow-paced and laidback life. No complications. No dramas. But I am a brave soul, I know. I want to discover new things in life. Try things beyond my comfort zone. If I dont like it, then I can always go back to the way I am used to.

I LOVE NEW YORK!!! But to live here??? NO!!!

But coming to America gave me an opportunity... a life changing opportunity... for my family and my career... and it gave me a chance to travel to different cities around United States...

To end this entry, I want to post another question. What is it like to travel Europe? LOL. Well, it has always been my dream to go backpacking around Europe. Who can ever tell that in the near future I can answer that question? DREAM BIG, JORY... DREAM BIG...

jory 8:48 AM

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

updates... updates...

I've been so occupied and busy these past few months. And it's totally crazy. 24 hours is not enough within a day.

Well, work is still the same. Nothing new. Except that one of my close friend here at work is going back to the New York Main office. And I will miss her during lunch times. Jenny (from Guyana) is her name. She's my 'mommy' here at work. We go out to have walks during lunch time or eat at the park. Talk about anything. Also, Dao (Thai) and Zen (Indian) are our lunchmates if we eat at the conference rooms.

And at night I go to the gym with my cousin Kae and our friend Esteban. We call Esteban 'papi'. Meaning daddy in Spanish. He's from Ecuador. Kae and I join the aero dance classes and do some abs after it. Then we hang out at the park before going home. Take some before hitting the shower. Sleeping time is at 1 am.

But what makes me crazy are my weekends. I now teach ballroom dance. This weekend alone, I had two dance classes of which I earned 75 dollars. Not bad. I even refused one student cuz I was so tired. I had no energy left. Weekends are also for parties. I always have invites for parties. They invite me so I can sing and dance for them. They laugh so much with my singing and my jokes.

No out of town trips yet. Except for Long Island trips and the beach. But soon I will plan one. When I have the luxury of time.

jory 4:03 AM

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Holy Week: The Filipino Way

It seems like an ordinary week here in New York. People walking fast. Tourists going around the city. Professionals going to work.

But it's the Holy Week...

I'm in a senti mood now. I've been here in NY six months already. I miss home. I miss my family and friends. I miss my loved one. And now that it's Holy Week, I miss the Philippines more. There will be no procession on Good Friday. No water and light blessing on Black Saturday. No washing of the feet. But most of all, no 'salubong' on Easter Sunday. Waaaaahhh!!!

As a kid, Holy Week is a major highlight. That is when me and my cousins go to mass every Thursday and to see that washing of the feet. And we sing our own version of the 'baho ang mga tiil' song. We're so bad!!! It's the time when the priest removes the socks and the choir sing the 'washing of the feet' song. Thus we made our own lyrics. We also want to see who is JUDAS ISCARIOT among the chosen people who play the disciples. On Good Friday, we join the procession around the town. When I was young, I always want to be at the back of the statue of VERONICA during processions. I don't know why. But I'm fascinated with how beautiful she is and with the face of Jesus on the cloth. My cousins also joke around our aunts and uncles if they make a short cut. Instead of going all they way to Luyong Bonbon for the procession, they cut their way in Bebe Bito's house and go back to church. hahaha! And at the end of the procession, we have our BINIGNIT!!!! We also kiss the crucifix during Good Friday Mass.

But the highlight of the Holy Week is the Easter Sunday. It was my childhood frustration to be a singin angel during the Salubong at dawn. I haven't missed one Salubong. Even if I was in Manila then, I never failed to call my cousin during the singing time just to hear the angels sing 'Reyna sa Langit Maglipay'. Now that I'm here in New York, I'm still calling my cousin just to listen the angels sing. I already texted here earlier that I'd be calling her for the event. hahaha!!!

Im taking a leave on Thursday and Friday to hear mass and probably visit different churches around New York.

I wish I was home at this time of the year...

jory 2:42 AM

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I went to Philadelphia & Delaware for the weekend with Kuya Vince and Girlie. It was a very time constrained trip cuz I have to be back to NY for a singing engagement for Sunday. We went around Philadelphia so quickly and took pictures. We also had a taste of the Philly Cheesesteaks. Then after Philadelphia, we rushed to Delaware and went on a shopping spree. And I bought my MACbook. Yahoo!!! It was expensive. But I know it made me happy, it was a gift for myself for working hard.

Then on Sunday, I sang for this group of Filipino families here in NY. During the program, I sang JUST ONCE. They laughed cuz in the middle of my song I told them to vote for me 1-866-IDOLS-01. hahaha!!! But after the program, it was the jamming session. That was where they laughed their hearts out. I sang my famous 'da coconut nut' with other Filipino songs. After every song, they always shout 'more, more, more' and it was hard for me cuz I was so unprepared. I practiced my Just Once with the pianist only before the show. And the jamming songs, I did it on the spot. But I had fun doing it and making them laugh.

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Thursday, March 08, 2007


I say a yes and a no.

Someone I don't know and haven't met personally sent me a message in Friendster telling me that he's a bit jealous that I have my 'to do list' and I am certain of what I want in life. Plus, the pictures I have of my trips in the Philippines, in Asia and in US made him amazed and envy. He, on the other hand, is not certain of what he wants in his life. He said my profile made him ponder on what he wants in my life.

Now, here's what he doesn't know.

I started my career with Thomson as a data analyst. I stayed with the company for 3 and a half years. And from Manila, I moved to New York to work as a data quality analyst with PricewaterhouseCoopers. But is this the career path I really want to follow? A career in finance? Most people who are close to me tell always tell me that I'm in the wrong job and that I should be in a job related to performing, public relations or media. Now, that Friendster guy made me think huh. Yes, I would really love to have a job in another field. But it's too risky for me. The arts business is not easy to penetrate. One should be extremely talented so people will pay much attention to you. Mediocrity is not acceptable. I know I'm into the arts: I can dance, sing, choreograph, make people laugh and think creatively. But I'm scared. Yes, I am very very scared. I could not risk a shift from finance to arts just to follow my passion. There are hundreds of extremely talented people out there, even thousands. And I don't know if my talent is at par with them, if not greater. (I hate you Mr. Friendster!!! You bring out my frustrations) But then, I'm not complaining here. My job is very high paying. But do I really love my job? That is the BIG question. As they say, find a job that you love to do most and you'll never have to WORK a day in your life.

There are just things I need to consider: financial stability, career growth and my family.

But I make it a point that I pour out my love for the art. I'm taking Latin dance class in Times Square. I sing in weddings and parties. I choreograph dance presentations. I watch fashion related events and beauty pageants. I watch Broadway musicals.

Somehow I wish I have the courage to make a career shift. Somehow I wish I'd be the one on Broadway stage performing. Somehow I wish I'm brave enough. I wish… Sigh...

P.S. Hey Mr. Friendster Guy, you made me cry!!!!!! Thanks for giving me a little courage. It's brave enough for me to write about this.

jory 5:47 AM

Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I had a blast with my weekend with Kuya Vince and Girlie. Thanks Kuya Vince and Girlie for showing me around!!!! Salamat sa libreng hotel at food... hihihihihi!!! sa uulitin!!!

Ang saya saya!!!!! Nakakatuwa yung DC namin. Lakad talaga at nilibot ang buong DC. hahaha!!! kaya pag-uwi sa bahay, pagod na pagod ang ga paa. At nung Sunday, di namin alam na may snow pala.. at medyo malakas ang snow. Manonood dapat ng sine. kaso walang cinema na malapit. ang ginawa namin? pumunta kami sa patterson park at naglaro sa snow, nagslide at nag ice skating. hahahaha!!! at ang sarap ng burger sa five guys!!!!!

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Frustrated figure skater… hahahaha!!!

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Pictures galore with Kuya Vince and Girlie… nakakatuwa mga pics namin…

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Playing in the snow….

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I spent my weekend with my Rivera cousins (Ate Yen and Kuya Vince). I think it was three years ago when the three of us had dinner in Giligan's Makati. And we laughed at the moment we were together but this time in Chicago. Who would have expected that we will have our get together again in another country.

It was so nice seeing both of them. When Ate Yen picked me up in the airport, I was close to tears. I just had to stop the tears to flow. I felt so happy seeing my close relative from the Philippines. And Kuya Vince too. He was my officemate in Thomson for 3 years.

Thank ate Yen and Binoy for the accomodation and the drive around Chicago. And the food. And the Margarita. hahahahaha!!!! I will surely be back in Chicago.

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Monday, January 01, 2007


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playing in the snow

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lake tahoe, nevada

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san francisco, california

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


It was NOVEMBER 30, 2006... When I first crossed out one of the 10 things to do in my life, to watch LION KING in Broadway. After doing choreography for two different LION KING presentations, I always dreamt of watching it on stage. My LION KING choreography was patterned after the Broadway show but with the improvized costumes and choreography. But the two presentation has got me the first prize for both occasions. So, I wonder how it would be to see it live on stage with the fabulous costume and choreography.

When the show was about to start, I had an overwhelming feeling. It' s a dream come true!!!!!!! When the first note was sung by Rafiki, it made me cry!!!!!! I didn't know why. But I couldn't stop the tears to flow. I know that was the moment that I have been dreaming of.

WOW! That was the best I've ever seen in my entire life... the stage design... the songs... the costumes... the lights... the choreography... Simply amazing... I couldn't put it into words how beautiful it is... You have to watch it so you'll understand...

If I only have the talent, I want to audition for a part... Someday... Someday... Watching it is enough for now...

Well, one down.... 9 more to go... I think SKYDIVING is next.... yahooo!!!!

Sidenote: In the middle of the show, I got a text from my Mom. She was asking if I have already sent the remittance money to her. Hahahaha!!!

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jory 10:37 PM

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Sino ang may sabi na magpapatalbog ako??? Hahahaha!!! Siyempre, kailangan diva ang dating. Yung mga bisita ay tuwang tuwa sa costume mo. Sexy daw. hahaha! at siyempre, maraming nagpapicture with me. hahahaha!!!

Mabuhay ang PILIPINAS!!!

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My Philippine booth… my pics around the Philippines in the background…

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With other delegates

jory 12:04 PM

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

American Museum of National History

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Jurassic Park

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Gosh, the preserved animals are so amazing… it got me scared when I thought that all of them might move… hahahaha!!!

jory 5:15 AM

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


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With klaressa and kae

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Nang mamulat si EBA sa harden ng Eden… bwahahaha!!!

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America's Next Top Model???

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The rape scene… hahaha!!! Raped by girls… hahahaha!!!!!

jory 10:34 PM

Saturday, November 18, 2006


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jory 12:34 PM

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


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me, my IBM laptop (office stuff) and my HP laptop (BLOOMBERG TERMINAL)

jory 1:54 AM

Saturday, November 04, 2006





jory 8:18 AM

Thursday, November 02, 2006


It's my first halloween. Siyempre, di ako magpapahuli kung costume ang pag-uusapan. Dapat star pa rin. hahahaha!!!!!

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jory 12:52 PM

Monday, October 23, 2006


I went to the 50th anniversary party of AIESEC US in Marriot Hotel in Times Square. It was a formal gala dinner. So, I have no choice but to wear my formal attire. If I could olny wear my jeans and my sandals, I would love to be comfortable and be myself. Hahaha!

It was the first formal dinner i went to in my whole life. The invitation said that it was a three course meal. And it costs 250 dollars. Yes, you read it right. It's 250 dollars!!! But good thing it was paid for by Aaron Winters of AIESEC US who was the one in charge in arranging our supporting documents for our US. I was so happy to finally meet Aaron personally. We have been exchanging emails for a few months in the preparation of our visa. THANKS AARON WINTERS!

Wow! I never dreamed of attending a party with all American people wearing their formal dresses and their suits. It was like in the movies.

But what surprised me was the food. I was expecting so much food because it costs really much for paying the event. However, we were served with mushroom soup, chicken and cake. And that's it. No more refill. Bwahahaha!!!

What I realized while listening to the the speeches the AIESEC US people gave was 'Jory, you are so lucky to be here'. I was a dreamer and dreamt of a good life. But it was more than good that God gave me. Probably, it's the best.

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My 250 dollar food

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Dao (upper left), fellow PWC trainee from Thailand
Aaron (upper right), AIESEC US

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Dancing the night

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Friday, October 06, 2006


When I was a kid, I always dreamt of having my own Barbie doll. I envy my girl cousins who dress up their dolls and make some make believe stories using their dolls. What I had were toy guns, race cars and helicopters.

But it never crossed my mind to buy one Barbie for myself. What I wanted was someone to give me a Barbie as a present.

WOW! The long wait is over. Yes, at 24, I had my first BARBIE DOLL. Thanks to my special someone!!! He gave it to me as a 'farewell' present before I left for New York.

That was the best 'farewell' gift I received. The other gifts my friends gave me were bag, jacket and tie, among others. Things very useful for me here in New York. But that Barbie doll represents a fulfillment of a childhood dream. Though the gift was not practical and useful for me here in New York, it was more of a 'symbolic' dream-come-true.

I will take good care of that Barbie doll. Dress her up like a New Yorker. Buy her expensive accesories. Pamper her.

And by the way, her name is U1. (picture to follow)

jory 2:01 PM

Sunday, October 01, 2006


It's been a week since I arrived here in New York. The city that never sleeps, as the song goes. Wow! Been doing a lot since day one. Meeting relatives, going around Manhattan, shopping with my cousins, dining out with AIESEC US, riding the subway trains, enjoying the cold air yet a sunny day. Been to many places to: Broadway, Times Sqaure, Bryant Park, Jersey City, MAdison Square Garden, Ground Zero (World Trade Center) and a lot more. I also visited the building of Thomson New York Office. It feels so nice to be part of the Thomson family in Manila and now I get to see the Thomson office in NY.

Thanks to Kae, Mommy Pen, Ate Janice, Uncle Bob and Family, AIESEC US and PWC for the welcome they gave me. I feel at home here in NY.

I'm looking forward to the 18 months that I'll be here in NY.

I'm missing my family, friends, Gail, my beloved and the Philippines.

Pics to come...

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jory 10:45 PM

Sunday, September 03, 2006


I couldn't sleep well the night before my US visa interview. I felt uncomfortable and nervous. Uncomfortable because I don't know what will happen during the interview. Nervous because I don't know what will be the result of my interview.

It was at 4:30 am that I have finally decided to finally get up from my bed and psyche myself up for the upcoming interview scheduled at 7:20 am. I checked that all my application forms, letters from PWC and AIESEC, passport and other supporting documents are in my clear book. I finished preparing at 5:30 am and immediately left the house. Before hailing a cab, I dropped by the church to say my prayers and asked for God's guidance. I know that whatever the results will be, God knows that it's good for me. I arrived at the US embassy 6 am. Though it was still early, the line was long outside the embassy. I joined the long queue of US visa hopefuls. While waiting for my time to submit my forms, I got to know Joy who also applied for J1 visa. She told me that it was her second time to apply for a J1 visa. Her first attempt? She got denied. That scared me a lot because we have almost the same documents: letter from the employer, certificate of eligibility for J1 visa and personal supportindg documents. It dawned to me that even though I have an assured job in the US, I still am not assured of a visa. Gone were the high hopes. Then after submitting my documents, I got my number and waited for my interview time. I sat beside Joy and asked her for some tips of the interview. We said our prayers together. Then we had our fingerprint scanning and waited for our number to be called by the interviewing consuls. When the consuls started opening their blinds, my heart started to beat faster. It was that decisive moment. There's no turning back.

During the course of waiting for my number, I saw happy faces who got the yellow card which means visa approved. But more faces were sad when they were denied of a US visa.

My number (2201) was flashed on the board to proceed to window 7 for my interview. I took a deep breath and stood with my head up high.

(not the exact words really but the thought is)
Consul: Good Morning jory!
Jory: Good Morning Sir!
Consul: How are you feeling today?
Jory: I feel great. Thanks for asking, sir. How about you?
Consul: Great. What are you going to do in US.
Jory: I'm going to the US for my traineeship with PriceWaterhouseCoopers and AIESEC US.
Consul: Why did you choose to have a traineeship in the US?
Jory: It's for the good of my career to gain more knowledge in data quality analysis.
Consul: So, you graduated from the Ateneo. AB Economics. What did you do after graduating?
Jory: Fresh out of college, I joined Thomson Financial.
Consul: How is your family situation?
Jory: My family is doing quite well. My parents and my brothers are all in the province.#
Consul: When do you plan to arrive in US? (he was signing my papers and got a yellow paper)
Jory: Hopefully before September 15.
Consul: Jory, you proceed back to the pavillion and the courier will have your visa delivered.

I was so happy when I went out. Then it dawned to me that I'll be leaving my special someone, my family, my friends and my room. MY COMFORT ZONE.

I called Gail and told her the news. Then I cried!

So many things to think of... So many belongings to pack... So many things to finish at work... And I haven't started one yet...

I have to arrive in New Jersey last week of September. It leaves me with three weeks to prepare before I start a new life in US.

Excited but sad...

jory 9:10 PM

Saturday, August 26, 2006

I'M 24!!!

Goodbye 23! Hello 24!

How time flies so fast. It seemed only two days ago that I was 7 years old. Only yesterday when I graduated high school. 6 hours ago when I joined Thomson for my first job as a data analyst.

And I wake up the next morning... I'm 24!!!

I could say that I had a wonderful year when I was 23. I visited a number of Philippine places: La Union, Vigan, Hundred Islands, Ilocos Norte, Cebu, Bohol, Camiguin, Bataan and Pagsanjan Falls. I also had the chance to try the rides in Disneyland HONGKONG, to roam around MACAU and to enjoy the wonders of the world in SHENZEN,CHINA. I met new friends. Found my special someone who I want to grow old with. Had a stable career .

I wonder what's ahead of me when I'm 24?!? I wish a life 24 times better than what I have now. A better career. A happy lovelife. A life well-lived. A year full of adventure and travels.

I hope things will work out as I planned them. With the guidance of God, I know I will accomplish my dreams for my family and for myself.

I'm looking forward to another year. I'll do my very best. And I leave everything else to God. He knows what's best for me.


jory 12:32 AM

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


When things go wrong and not the way you want them to be, that's the time I am very very very thankful for my friend GAIL. These past fews weeks, I've been into deep thinking of the things happening in my life. Somewhat a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Spare the details.

Thank God I can dial local 4428 for a friend anytime I'm in the brink of losing my sanity. For the past two paydays, Brother's Burger became our hideout. The first one was Gail's moment to share her emotions about this particular guy who she met recently. But that meeting should have been long due years ago. hahaha! I was there to listen. Of course I can relate to her long-distance affair because I once had that kind of relationship. After eating our burger, I told her we go people watching. We point out randomly of the people who pass by and make our own stories of what the specific person does, where he's going, what's his problem. Just anything that comes to mind. We laughed and laughed because of the crazy things we have thought of. Hahaha!! The second Brother's visit was my moment. I told her of what I've been thinking lately about my current relationship. This time we didn't go people watching cuz we were seated far from the window. Instead, during our merienda, we asked Gigz to join us. We insisted that she tell us a depressing story about her and her husband. We didn't want any happy stories. We wanted a sad one and let her be one with our emotions. Hahaha!

Gail and I share a very beautiful friendship!

Thanks for saving me the last time I almost lost my sanity. And thanks for saving me this time around.

One thing I know, I can always count on Gail!!! SALAMAT DAI!

jory 8:43 PM

Friday, May 12, 2006



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